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Smart Homes of Westchester NY is your certified LED landscape lighting experts. Landscape lights art one of the easiest and most effective ways to not only improve your home’s curb appeal but it is the number one way to prevent burglaries, while also providing guests with a safer way to navigate your property. A well-lit landscape will make your home more inviting for friends, family and neighbors but will deter would be thieves. Landscape lighting can also be used to highlight features of your home you want to show off, such as a beautiful garden, pond or patio. As you know, there are many different types of landscape lights available, so it’s important to consult with an experienced outdoor lighting expert so you can be confident you are getting the best fixtures with a design that will result as expected. LED lights are popular choice because they use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last longer. NSHcan also help you automate your exterior lighting which will turn the on and off automatically. Our smart lighting systems are programmed for certain times or according to your local sunset time, so we can turn them on 20 minutes after sunset and turn them off 30 minutes before sunrise. This eliminates the need to keep having to set those archaic outdoor timers. Don't forget to check out our outdoor tv and outdoor speaker solutions!


We all know how important it is to have lighting in the right places, especially at night when you need them most. Not only do they help with safety and security but also add an incredible ambiance for your landscape! Here are the top three reason to have us help you with your landscape lighting design.


You can always trust Smart Home of Westchester to put your families safety first. Our friendly staff and proud designers will take time with you during a site visit, walking the property while discussing all options so you can be confident the result will be illuminating, making it safe for guests to walk anytime of night without falling due to poor lighting. We also make sure all fixtures are secure and wiring is terminated properly for everyone's safety as well.


As a homeowner, you are probably aware of how important it is to make your home secure. Fortunately there's a simple way without hiring an expensive security company - landscape lighting! Did you know increased levels of lighting resulted in a 36% reduction in crime, according to an urban labs study out of Chicago. Exterior lighting also helps your neighbors and people passing by see if there is anything suspicious happening on your property as well.


Light-scaping with landscape lighting is the best way to make your home look elegant. The soft, subtle shadows and silhouettes give properties a beautiful touch that makes them stand out from all the other houses that fade away into the night. Landscape lights can help you create stunning or dramatic atmosphere for any occasion by creating scenes, Including seasonal or holiday backdrops. Ready to take your landscape to the next level?



Landscape lighting is much more than lighting, it is also all about shadows, grazing, hardscaping, wall washing and more! National Smart Home has the experience to deploy these exterior lighting techniques around your home and really bring out the character of your home. Most electricians and contractors can install landscape lighting but it takes a trained lighting professional to add creativity and ambiance. Check out some of these lighting features and let us know how you would like to paint your home with light! 


Path lighting is a great way to improve the safety and the exterior appeal of your home. By strategically placing Path lights along walkways, you can create a safe passage to your front door while also highlighting dynamic landscaping elements like flower beds, shrubbery, and borders. Path lights are typically staggered around the walkway to create pools of light that illuminate the path. This makes it easier for guests to see where they're going and enhances the look of your property. Path lighting can also be used to light up other areas of your property, like decks or patios. If you're looking for a way to improve the safety and aesthetics of your home, consider adding some path lighting. It's a great way to enhance your outdoor space and make your home more welcoming for guests.



Light grazing or hardscaping qith landscape lights are a great way to add texture and dimension to your landscape. By placing a landscape light source within one foot of a textured surface and aiming the light beam parallel to that surface, you can create an effect that emphasizes the texture. This is a great way to add interest to your garden or patio, and it can also be used to highlight architectural features such as pillars or walls. Spotlights are ideal for creating this effect, and they can be placed beneath each stone pillar to create dimension and complement the home’s entryway. With the right lighting, you can transform any space into a beautiful and inviting oasis.


Wall washing is a great way to evenly light a large, flat surface. By placing fixtures close to the wall and using a wide angle of light, you can create an illusion of space and make the wall appear larger. This lighting technique is perfect for highlighting the smoothness of a wall and eliminating any shadows. This is different from grazing where the light is cast closer to the surface adding depth with shadows due to its uneven surfaces. When it comes to wall washing, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure that the light fixtures are placed no closer than 12 inches from the wall. This will help create an even light and avoid any shadows. Second, use a wide angle of light to flood the wall with bright uniform light. This will help create the desired effect and make the wall appear larger and more grand. Wall washing is a great way to add some outdoor lighting to your home.



Shadowing can be used to great effect to enhance your outdoor lighting. By taking into account the shadows that are created by your outdoor fixtures, you can create a more dramatic look that wasn't possible in daylight. Smart Home of Westchester has years of experience and how trained staff understands how to use shadows to their best effect, and can create stunning results. Shadowing is often used with trees or sculptures that have an interesting profile. By using shadows to create contrast, you can make your outdoor space look more interesting and inviting.


Deck lights are an important part of any deck. It allows you to use your space during the hours between sunset and sunrise. Good deck lighting comes in many different styles, so you can find the right one for your needs. One of the most common types of deck lighting is hidden downlighting. With one or more downlights tucked away under the deck, you can get the light you need to use your space safely and comfortably.  Another common type of deck lighting is uplighting. Uplighting shines light up onto the underside of objects, making them look more dramatic. This type of lighting is perfect for decks with a lot of plants or overhead structures, like pergolas or gazebos. If you want to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere on your deck, uplighting is the perfect option. Finally, if you’re looking for a little bit of extra security on your deck, consider adding some motion-sensor lights. These lights will turn on when they detect movement, so you can feel safe and secure when you’re out on your deck after dark. 



If you want to get the most out of your water feature, consider adding some lighting. Proper lighting can transform a water feature and create a feeling of serenity. It also allows you to enjoy your water feature at night as well. When there’s water in front of a feature – like a waterfall  – installing a light so it skims across the surface of the water can create an amazing mirrored surface when the water is calm, and a glimmering effect when it’s moving. At NSH we have the experience to bring your water to life and give your visitors an extremely serene experience. Contact us today to learn more about our water lighting services

We hope you now have a better understanding of all the different types and techniques of landscape lighting solutions. We are always right here if you have any questions. Call us today to book your landscape lighting consult to discover how beautiful and inviting your home can look like after sunset.

NSH is your Landscape Lighting experts for Westchester NY. We provide expert design installation, programming and service in and around the following areas:

  • Amawalk

  • Ardsley

  • Ardsley On Hudson

  • Armonk

  • Baldwin Place

  • Bedford

  • Bedford Hills

  • Briarcliff Manor

  • Bronxville

  • Buchanan

  • Chappaqua

  • Cortlandt Manor

  • Crompond

  • Cross River

  • Croton Falls

  • Croton On Hudson

  • Dobbs Ferry

  • Eastchester

  • Elmsford

  • Goldens Bridge

  • Granite Springs

  • Harrison

  • Hartsdale

  • Hastings On Hudson

  • Hawthorne

  • Irvington

  • Jefferson Valley

  • Katonah

  • Larchmont

  • Lincolndale

  • Mamaroneck

  • Maryknoll

  • Millwood

  • Mohegan Lake

  • Montrose

  • Mount Kisco

  • Mount Vernon

  • New Rochelle

  • North Salem

  • Ossining

  • Peekskill

  • Pelham

  • Pleasantville

  • Port Chester

  • Pound Ridge

  • Purchase

  • Purdys

  • Rye

  • Scarsdale

  • Shenorock

  • Shrub Oak

  • Somers

  • South Salem
  • Tarrytown

  • Thornwood

  • Tuckahoe

  • Valhalla

  • Verplanck

  • Waccabuc

  • West Harrison

  • White Plains

  • Yonkers

  • Yorktown Heights

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